Rebecca Painting in her studio in Israel

Rebecca painting in her studio in Givat Shmuel in Israel
Since 2000 Rebecca has been living and painting in London.

    Rebecca was born Rebecca Wittler in Manchester, England. She paints under her ancient Hebrew name Rebecca Bat-Raphael.

    Rebecca studied art at St Johns College, Manchester, where she was a pupil of James Callaghan who later became MP for Middleton. From him she learned the quality of line and drawing.

    At seventeen Rebecca left the UK and went to live in Israel, where she first studied Computers and Mathematics at the Bar-Ilan University. Later she studied at the High School for Art in Tel-Aviv under the tutelage of Marcushinski, the founder of the school. Marcushinski had studied art in Central Europe before the second world war, from him Rebecca learned her watercolor technique.

    Then she studied for a short time at the Avni art college.

    Rebecca became a private pupil of Lev Steiman, who had studied at the St Petersburg Academy in Russia. He was a master of oil painting who taught Rebecca the secrets of his trade.

    For a number of years Rebecca farmed geese in a village half way between Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem in the Ben-Shemen forest. Whilst living there she also gave art classes in the surrounding villages.

    After leaving her farm in 1982 Rebecca became the assistant manageress of the Carlyle Gallery in Tel-Aviv, where she worked for a year before returning to take an extended degree course in Art History at Tel-Aviv University. Whilst at University she worked for the Binet Art Gallery in Tel-Aviv.

    Upon leaving University Rebecca taught art at the Ort High School in Tel-Giborim, Holon, for a couple of years and started to teach evening art classes in Tel-Aviv university.

    In 1990 she managed the Rig Gallery in Tel-Aviv untill it was forced to close by the start of the first Gulf war and in 1991 she opened a small art studio in Tel-Aviv where she gave art lessons between air raids. During the scud missile attacks of 1991 she gave art lessons in the basement under her house to the few brave souls who dared to venture out.

    From 1991 Rebecca worked as a graphic designer for various companies in Israel and the UK, doing work for such companies as Microsoft and Gillette in the UK, and IBM in Israel, amongst many others.

    She started to build websites in 1995 following the death of her son Arik, who was killed by Hamas terrorists in 1994. Her first website was Arkline, built in memory of Arik. The website contained a memorial site and the famous Arkline dating site, which was the first Jewish dating site ever built. In its heyday this site had millions of visitors and many successes.

    Rebecca also built the RAD Data Communications website for six years and left to return to the UK in 2000.

    Rebecca did not paint from the day that Arik was murdered for over ten years and only started to paint again in 2005.

    Rebecca now lives and paints in London.

    In 2008 one of Rebecca's paintings "Patience, the Lace Makers"
    was on show at The Mall Galleries, the Mall, London W1
    at the Hesketh Hubbard exhibition
    The following year another of her paintings, "Zebra Crossing" was shown there in July
    and in 2011 her painting of "The Fountain in Hyde Park" was shown
    Giclee copies on canvas of these paintings are available for purchase
    Rebecca also undertakes commisions

    To Contact Rebecca

    Tel: 00-44 (0)7599-004941

    "Zebra Crossing"
    Painted in Tel-Aviv

    The Mall Galleries
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