'Holy Ground'
was inspired by Van-Gogh's painting
'Country Road in Provence by Night'.
This is the story of my painting.

I first saw the painting by Van-Gogh
'Country Road in Provence by Night' many years ago

I took it as the inspiration for a design for a stained glass window
which I created whilst studying theatre design and art history, at Tel-Aviv University.
It saddened me that Van Gogh had cut his life short, like a tree with the top cut off,
I wanted to extend Van Gogh's tree up, like a spire, reaching for the heavens.

The design hung on my bedroom wall for many years
One night, as I looked at it, it turned into the burning bush.

I decided to paint 'Holy Ground' as a homage to Van Gogh.
Moses' empty shoes are Van Gogh's boots,
and the design of the picture is taken from the Provence painting.

I had the idea for a very special frame as part of the work, and I am working on it now
I put the mock up for the frame around the photo of the painting.
It is still a work in progress.

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