About Arkline

I created Arkline in 1995 in England. Its official opening in February 1996 took place at the Cyberspy cafe in Soho, London and was reported by the Jewish Chronicle, the Jerusalem Report and various other magazines both in Israel and abroad.

At first it ran off servers in London, but less than a year later I was requested to remove it from those servers because already so many people were accesing it every minute that it was blocking access to other companies using the servers. Today it runs from the USA although it is operated from Israel. This is because those servers offer the fastest response time available.

Hundreds of Jewish singles worldwide have met their match on Arkline and below are some extracts from email received from the lucky ones.

Arkline was created at a very sad time in my life. A few months earlier my son was kidnapped and murdered by Hamas terrorists in Israel as he returned home from his army base. After that I left Israel and returned to England where I was born and during the year I spent there I created a memorial website with Arik's poetry. Later I looked for something to attract people to see the site. I tried to imagine what Arik would have liked, something in the spirit of his philosophy of life and I remembered the strange conversation we had several months earlier in the car park under Kikar Atarim in Tel-Aviv.

Arik was smoking and I had asked him to stop, Yiddisher mother after all! He laughed and said that as he was going to die in the army anyway he wanted to enjoy all that life offered while he could. Upset I said that he shouldn't even say that and that I would die if anything happened to him. He replied that I wouldn't die at all and that I would live and be happy and have a good life.

A very strange thing happened then and I could almost hear a voice in my ear warning me to tell him not to take lifts from anyone. We argued about this and he told me that he only took lifts from religious people. This surprisingly got me very very upset and I started to shout - don't take lifts from religious people. Sadly he didn't listen and several months later Arab terrorists dressed as religious settlers kidnapped him.

But our conversation that day did not end there, we were talking about what he would do when he left the army and he told me that he knew that he would head a large international organisation that would one day help people all over the globe. People will search for it all over the world he said. I laughed at the absurdity of it. Strangely today people search for Arkline on internet computers from all corners of the world, from Alaska to Zimbabwe there are visitors to the website.

Over the years I have spent a lot of effort to create a website that is as user friendly and as effective as possible in helping people to find someone to love. You too can help Arkline, tell your friends about the site, let Jewish singles in your area know about it and where possible help others who do not have computer access to use the site. Your kindness will be rewarded, sometimes faster than you expect. One of our successes is a girl who told an ex-boyfriend about the site. He told friends and one of them joined and met the ex-girlfriend - life can be like that.

Enjoy Arkline, bookmark it to return and see the new people every few weeks and do visit Arik's poetry pages before you leave.

Rebecca Bat-Raphael
London, UK