Is a webpage currently under construction by
Rebecca Bat-Raphael
In memory of her son
Arik Frankenthal
Who was kidnapped and murdered by Hamas in 1994

Defenders is currently under construction
It will, I hope, provide an online
Resource Of Information
To counter the false narratives which are
Currently to be found online, in the media and on the street
About Israel, the Jews, our culture and heritage
As the indigenous people of the Land of Israel

Defenders was launched on
Following a meeting, and in conjunction with the Herut Group

Information on Defenders is here
So that you can copy and paste
Any of this information

To use yourself, in order to counter the misinformation
And false narratives that we face

Avoid quoting Defenders as your source when posting
as our adversaries may try to remove or otherwise block or destroy this resource
However please let trusted friends have the link for their own use

I will endeavour to provide accurate information
But where you perceive any fault in this information
Or copyrite infringement
Please email me ASAP on
To inform me so that I can either remove
or rectify any accidental infringement

Please also email me with questions which you have faced in various situations,
Online, in the street, socially or otherwise
Where you have found yourself without an adequate answer and lacking information
Where possible I will try to research and provide relevant information
Or links to such information

Please forgive me if it takes some time as I may get inundated

Please feel free also to suggest topics

This website also contains a memorial to my son
Some of my artwork
The history of this website which was created in 1995
I will also in future endeavour to put here my own slightly unusual story
of the years I spent in Israel from

Rebecca Bat-Raphael
BA, Art History,
Tel-Aviv University

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