This is a Very Special Dedication

This Ark was created by me at a time of great sadness in my life, caused by an act of hate. The only true antidote to hate is love. I hope that the Ark will generate a lot of love. Making the Ark has helped to return some happiness to my life.

They used to say that the pen was more powerful than the sword, so now I say "More power to the pixel".

I do hope that before you board the Ark you will take a moment to glance at my memorial to my son, Arik, a warrior and a poet, killed by the Hamas in 1994. Arieh my lion, so that "... out of the strong shall come forth sweetness..." ( Judges, Samson ).

Below is a picture of Yitzchak Rabin, late Prime Minister of Israel, beside the photograph of Arik and my younger son. Also in the picture is a photograph of Sefi Showman who fell in 1982 and other family members.

Copyright © Rebecca Bat-Raphael